Finding the Light Within

March 2 2020“Dance around in your smoke
And flicker out
You’re not the light I used to know…”

She feels the energy rising. Deep red, root chakra, soft pink heart energy. Her arm rises above her head. The stretch of muscles long tense tries to hold her back.


Her arm extends into the unknown. Pushes past the tension, the fear. She squeezes her eyes shut, so hard she sees spots. Keeps those eyes closed, trusting that she can move into the new with acceptance and joy. She exhales and feels all the feels.

She is me. Is she you too?

“I don’t believe in safety nets, Strung below that make it alright…”

When we live with caution, we act with caution. When we fear the change, we stay stuck. There are some things that are meant to slip away. It is as simple as that. It’s as hard as that.

“…Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

Think about it. What in your world has slipped away that you have wanted to cling to like your life depended on it? Perhaps it was meant to slip away to make room for something, new, different, better. Unclench. Dance around in your smoke, let it flicker out so you can become the brighter light and shine. Find your light within. It’s there.

Slip by Elliot Moss helps me remember when I forget.

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