She is Grateful

GratitudeShe is grateful today for yesterday.  How her children made sure she stayed hydrated. That they let her sleep. How they taped her sore muscles and applied the balms.

That they were mindful and quiet even though this is their Spring break. How her mother didn’t snap back when she didn’t have the strength for polite utterance.

That she made it through the mind numbing pain, her body no longer wanting to twist right in circles of imbalance whenever she stood.

That she made it through the mind searing pain. That she made it, that she made it.

She is me and this morning my headache has lifted enough to get out of bed. To take a few moments and once again use art to transform the suffering.

No mud. No lotus.

She will bloom today. She is me. I will bloom because I am grateful and that, that is enough light to transmute the darkness into a thing of beauty.

I am a thing of beauty, fragile beauty.

This is what I will be exploring in April’s #The100DayProject – no mud, no lotus – a transformation of suffering through art. These inked hands and lotus will be my first offering gently colored with watercolors, followed by 99 days of the art of the lotus bearers.

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Dancing Gratitude, a collaboration between the choreography of Amy Wilson of Dance in the Annex and Lora Robertson’s photographic styling, is a beautiful way to engage your eyes, open your heart and remember the beauty of community and the many reasons we have to be thankful.

I can’t say enough how much I love the instrumental adaptation of Tool’s “Forty Six & Two” by the Vitamin String Quartet. Tool remains one of my favorite bands. Someday I would love to witness them live. yes. I would be very grateful for that experience should it come my way.

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