Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind“All we need is peace of mind

All we need is peace of mind…”

She takes a deep breath, allows it to suffuse her lungs. Her functioning, beautiful lungs. As she exhales, she exhales peace and love and hope. She breathes out a prayer for patience and awareness and the world panic to ease. She envisions healing on a global scale.

She already knows how to…

“How to breathe amongst the pain and suffering

When all we need is peace of mind…”

She is not new to social distancing. Her health has forced it upon her and her family for years. She sometimes misses the touch of other humans. She always welcomes her own embrace. She is me and I send you love and peace of mind today.

Stop, breathe and find your center. Don’t allow the fear to constrict you.

COVID-19 is fact, but you don’t have to buy into the Coronavirus fiction. Stop. Breath. Think. Act.

Are you breathing today? Yes? Then life is good.

Take a moment to appreciate that.

Celebrate your aliveness.

You got this.

I’m not new to social distancing. That isolation has saved my children’s lives and mine at times of severe immunosuppression. Our resilience, living through those past trials, and triumphing, will get us through this adversity too. You may even find you enjoy the social distance after a time, because everything falls away except what really matters.

You matter. I matter. We all matter.

We are matter. It is all connected.

Once we realize that, accept it, and embrace it – it becomes much easier to breathe. To find our center, to find our place of strength. It becomes much easier to act, in our own best interests and in that of the greater good.

Whether we are one, or three, or five, a hundred or billions – we are all together in this. We all breathe the same air.

Let’s not pollute it with more fear, anger, or hatred. Let’s not fill it with blame. Instead, let’s fill it with the joy of love, the sounds of laughter, the beauty of new life and the wisdom of the aged.

Stop running away in fear and stand and face the problem with open eyes, awareness and compassion.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

The breath is the life.

That’s where it all starts.

The song is Stop Running Away by Télépopmusik. The choreography is by Tiffany Billings whose choreography I have recently discovered. Her approach to life and dance is truly beautiful. I only wish I was in the California area so I could visit Club Jete and see the amazing monthly showcases she hosts. I also really love the color of these costumes.



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